Saturday, 20 June 2009

Just one of my recent tags - you'll see the larger version at my other blog - Jani's Place

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Been neglecting this blog big time!

Oh my has it really been that long since I first began this blog? Sheesh I have had a spring holiday since then and my summer holiday is creeping up fast....I really must make more of an effort! LOL
Had a good evening out tonight. My son, my daughter and her friend plus myself all went to a "Family Fortunes" charity night at the local family/children's centre (where I work as a youth group leader), though the event was put on my our local parish council. It was fun and we did very well - we actually came 3rd much to our amazement. We all enjoyed it so it is hoped that there will be more of these nights, maybe every couple of months, that would be something to look forward to.
I haven't made too many tags of late, always something else happening to take up my time, you know.........that thing they call real life....boy doesn't that suck at times! LOL If I had my way I'd be here at the computer 24/7 making tags and visiting my PSP sites, writing up my blog on a regular basis (cough cough), even trying to make templates and scrapkit elements (I don't use scripts, just what I can make from scratch) but I am still a novice when it comes to those things, plus I could play games and do stuff on facebook and wherever else I lay my hat....I get around! LOL
I shall try and remember to come back here more regular and post my latest creations, be they good or bad; heck sometimes you need to see someone else's disasters at PSP to realise how good you are! LMAO
Right I'm off to have one of my favourite caramel lattes to celebrate our 3rd place win tonight - YAY!
Catch up with you all soon.......

Friday, 6 February 2009

Welcome to Jani's PSP Creations

Hi and thanks for popping by.
I'm Jani and I'm in my mid 50's. I'm married with three children - one has long since grown and flown, the youngest two are in their early teens - and, boy, don't we know it! LOL
We live in the county of Bucks, in the UK. Hubby works the night shift as a lorry (truck) driver and I work one evening a week (term time only) as the leader of a youth group for 10 - 12 year olds - and I love it!
I fell in love with PSP a few years ago and immediately became addicted, but I am still learning - and I think I always will be! It's great fun and suits my creative needs totally. If you haven't given it a try yet - do - you won't regret it! You can easily download a 30-day trial version of PSP to give it a try before you by.
I belong to a few PSP/Poser sites, though the main one is Sigtasia - where I am an Admin. It is a small, very friendly site for those who do PSP, Poser and Photography - and for those who don't - no-one goes short of goodies and we have lots of games, chat and fun, as well as some challenges and sigathons etc. Give us a try! Everyone is welcome, male and female, so click that link now! :D
Anyway, this is where I shall post some of the tags I create. I might even have a dabble in a few scrap elements, tell you of some great scrapkit sites, tut sites, tag templates, masks - and all other things us taggers enjoy.
If you make scrapkits, templates, Posers, or anything else, and would like them added here, just contact me - I'm bound to say yes. :D Banner links welcome too - although you might have to give me instructions on how to do these - I am new to this, so all help and advice greatly appreciated.
Thanks again for popping by - glad that you took the time to visit - do come again soon. I love visitors and the kettle's always on!